Generate mock data for Metalsmith HTML templates
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$ cnpm install metalsmith-mock 
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Generate mock data for Metalsmith HTML templates

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  • Install metalsmith-mock with npm
  npm install metalsmith-mock --save-dev
  • Add data-mock attributes to html
<span data-mock="memberId:1"></span>
<span data-mock="customerId:1"></span>
  • Add metalsmith-mock plugin to metalsmith
const metalsmith = require('metlasmith');
const metalsmithMock = require('metalsmith-mock');


<span data-mock="memberId:1">981479716</span>
<span data-mock="customerId:1">6564503975</span>


<div data-mock="mock:identityKey"></div>

metalsmith-mock not only allows for the dynamic creation of mock data but also the reuse of the mock data identities throughout HTML templates.

When metalsmith-mock first encounters a data-mock attribute, it checks to see if that mock identity key has been previously defined and if so, uses that mock identify throughout all metalsmith templates.

If the mock identify key hasn't been previously defined, a new identify is created and cached in metal.metadata().mocks[identityKey] object.

Mock Options

  • fullName
  • fullNameReverse
  • sexShort
  • dob
  • memberId
  • customerId
  • groupNumber
  • addressLine1
  • addressLine2
  • sentence
  • sentences
  • paragraph
  • paragraphs
  • diagnosisType
  • procedureCode


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