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all the things

Everyone loves metalsmith's agnostic, dogma free approach to static sites... but it's still nice to see some examples, so this is mine.


  • webpack - I'm pretty stoked with my webpack implementation. metalsmith-webpack caches webpack output which dramatically cuts down on build time.
  • browser-sync - take a look at ./sync.js, it's a super minimal implementation that just works. browser-sync takes care of live reloading & dev server
  • naked urls - (urls like without the .html) this is achieved using mimeTypes rather than the hacky everything-in-a-separate-directory approach.
  • s3 - custom upload to s3 implementation
  • babel - scandalous babel-node usage.. cuts down on crufty build & watch scripts
  • google-drive - scrape content from google drive folders to include in your build. Think of it as a poor mans CMS, free ubiquitous access for editing content.
  • cloudinary - upload images to cloudinary, then format them as required in your layouts & markdown. This means no local dependencies on imagemagick and friends.


There's more detailed information about implementation of different features in /src/articles.


git clone matt
cd matt
npm i
npm run dev

boulevard of broken dreams

There's a few dependencies which are not yet available on npm. You can install them directly from github. See src/articles/ for details.




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