Mercury is a bot for managing in-code static translations
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$ cnpm install mercury-bot 
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Mercury is a bot for handling in-code static translations. Developed at OpenTable, it takes care of dozens of codebases by making automated Pull Requests to keep the code up to date with our translations.

How Mercury works

The bot looks for a mercury.json manifest file in a repository's root. It then locates the source files and keeps them updated with Smartling by using its API and making Pull Requests. Please refer to the Mercury consumer integration runbook and FAQ.

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How to setup the bot in your organization

Mercury is available as npm module and needs to be configured to run with github and smartling API tokens.

Here is a code example:

const mercury = require('mercury-bot');

const config = {
  github: {
    apiTokens: [
      { operation: 'read', value: 'token-1234567890' },
      { operation: 'write', value: 'token-0987654321' }
    owner: 'mercurybot',
    branch: 'mercury'
  smartling: {
    userIdentifier: 'userId-1234567890',
    userSecret: 'userSecret-0987654321'
  repositories: {
    'github-org': ['repo1', 'repo2']

const app = mercury({ config });

// Optional event handlers
app.on('error', console.log);
app.on('action', console.log);
app.on('result', console.log);

// Run => process.exit(0));


Init mercury({ config })

config is an object that requires the following structure:

name type mandatory description
github object yes Github config
github.apiTokens object yes Github API Tokens. You need at least one read token and one write token
github.apiTokens[index].operation string yes Can be either read or write
github.apiTokens[index].value string yes The token
github.owner string yes The github user associated with the token
github.branch string yes The branch that the bot will use to make Pull Requests on his fork
repositories object yes The repositories mercury needs to watch and manage
repositories[index] array of strings yes The github org that contains the repos to watch
repositories[index][item] string yes The github repo to watch
smartling object yes The smartling config
smartling.userIdentifier string yes The smartling UserId
smartling.userSecret string yes The smartling UserSecret
mercury.on(eventName, payload)

Event handler for connecting to a logger. The following events are emitted:

name payload object props description
action { message} The message contains a description of the performed action
error { error, errorType, details } The error is a javascript Error object containing the whole stacktrace. The errorType is a string identifier for the error, and the details contains all the state of the performed actions for the current repository for further investigation
result { message, resultType } The message contains a description of the performed action, the resultType is an identifier for the current action



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