A meme monitor for Jenkins CI
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$ cnpm install meme-says-jenkins 
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A meme based Jenkins CI monitor.

#A what?

It's a Jenkins CI monitor that haz memes. There are 3:

  1. When things are going really badly, disabled or not yet built: image
  2. When things are getting there, a few failed tests: image
  3. When things are going great and there's much success: image
  4. And when things are building or about to be built: image


Here's a little demo that uses Apache's CI feed:

#How do use

  1. Clone the repo and stick it on your desired monitor machine, whether it's on your CI server or a dedicated machine in your place of work.
  2. If you've allowed JSONP on Jenkins then go ahead and edit the file and change jenkinsAPIEndPoint to the JSONP end point of your CI server, eg:
  3. If you've not got the beauty of JSON then you can use the built in NodeJS server, simply edit the file and change jenkinsAPIEndPoint to api.json, then edit and change jenkinsAPIEndPoint to then JSON end point of your CI server, eg:
  4. Rejoice.

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