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$ cnpm install medium_publish 
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medium_publish - Publish draft articles from Markdown to Medium

This little CLI application is used internally by Adatas to export our articles as draft into Medium. It is generic enough to be usable and shall be easy to customize to your fit custom needs. It run as a Node.js application and the source code is written in CoffeeScript


For users not familiar with the Node.js environment, you can follow the official installation instructions to get started and have the node, npm and npx command available on your system.

This package is published on NPM. Once Node.js is installed, it could be installed and executed with:

# Installation
npm install -g medium_publish
# Print help
npx medium_publish -h

The help print:

    medium_publish - Post draft articles on Medium

    medium_publish [medium_publish options]

    --source                Path to the Markdown source code of the article. Required.
    --url                   URL where the article is currently being published. Required.
    --author                The name of the author. Required.
    --author_url            URL of the author page.
    --db                    Path to the database, default to "~/.medium_publish"
    -h --help               Display help information

    medium_publish --help      Show this message


Use npx medium_publish if installed globally or locally as a dependency. Otherwise, from inside a cloned repository, use ./bin/medium_publish.

npx medium_publish \
  --source ./path/to/ \
  --url \
  --author 'Author Name' \
  --author_url \
  --langs en,fr

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