Transform any Matrix client into a Micropub client
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$ cnpm install matrix-appservice-micropub 
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Micropub AS

Transform any Matrix client into a Micropub client instantly.


  • You need to have a home server installed and running.


  • Copy config.sample.yaml and edit the URL and token fields. The tokens can be anything you want.
  • Generate a registration file by typing node app -c your.config.file.yaml --generate-registration
  • Make your home server aware of the registration file (setting app_service_config_files in homeserver.yaml to the path of the registration file, remember it's a list so use ["file/path.yaml"])
  • Restart your home server.
  • Run the application service: node app -c your.config.file.yaml


  • Invite @micropub:yourdomain to a room. It will automatically join.
  • Type !indieauth - it will return an OAuth URL for you to click.
  • Login via IndieAuth.
  • The bot will let you know that you've authorised.
  • Send any message into the room.
  • It will be transformed into a micropub entry and sent to your specified micropub endpoint.

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