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$ cnpm install markdown-proofreader 
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Markdown Proofreader


Because during the COVID-19 quarantine I wrote tons of Markdown files (such as Mostly in bad english... I was looking for a simple solution to check the syntax and grammar of those notes.


markdown-proofreader is built :

  • on top of Grammar Bot API for proofreading purpose
  • with Highland.js for handling streams
  • with fast-glob to match only markdown files
  • with eslint/prettier combo AirBnB flavor


Warning :

  • Markdown Proofreader requires you use git as version control software.

Run npm install markdown-proofreader.

How to use ?

Markdown Proofreader has currently two modes

  • Verification of files matching a glob
  • Verification of additions compared to the last commit (diff mode)

Files matching a glob (Default mode)

By default, Markdown proofreader will check all markdown files present in the repository.

Use --match flag to target specific files using a glob pattern.

Under the hood we are using Fast Glob to find pathnames that matched a provided pattern.

See fast-glob documentation to learn more about the syntax.

Diff mode

Working with new files

  1. Write your next best-seller essai or the documentation of your anti COVID-19 software in plain Markdown
  2. Track the changes (git add)
  3. Run markdown-proofreader --diff-only
  4. Get your report

Working with updated files

  1. Update your files
  2. Track the changes (git add)
  3. Run markdown-proofreader --diff-only
  4. Get your report

(only the updates will be considered, not the deletion)

How does it work ?

markdown-proofreader will perfom a git diff --cached on your markdown files, strip the markdown and send the content to GrammarBot API.

CLI options

  • --diff-only : used to work in 'only-diff mode' {optional}
  • --match : used to provide a glob pattern to target only specific file (optional)


Do you work for GrammarBot ?

Nope. I'm not working for GrammarBot or get any money/goodies/support from them. I just did some research on DuckDuckGo and found that API. I will try to integrate other APIs in a future release.

You don't like human proofreader ?

Yes I really do. But unfortunately, I'm still too broke to hire a reviewer for every text I write. But yes, please hire REAL HUMANS.

I found mistakes in this README ...

One point for hiring real humans ...

How to contribute ?

markdown-proofreader is a baby project in its early stage. Few bugs lies certainly in the shadow and many functionalities are certainly missing.

Feel free to open an issue or a PR

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