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This module is now under the @mapbox namespace: install @mapbox/mapbox-data-cli instead
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$ cnpm install mapbox-data-cli 
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CLI utilities for Mapbox Data API.


$ npm install -g mapbox-data-cli


Requires a MapboxAccessToken environment variable with data:write permissions.


Includes nine utilities

  • mapbox-data get-dataset: read information about a particular dataset
  • mapbox-data get-feature: get individual feature from dataset
  • mapbox-data create-dataset: create a new empty dataset with optional name and description
  • mapbox-data insert-features: add/update features in a dataset
  • mapbox-data replace-dataset: replace dataset with new GeoJSON data
  • mapbox-data list-datasets: list all datasets belonging to a user
  • mapbox-data list-features: get all GeoJSON features within a dataset
  • mapbox-data delete-feature: delete a feature from within a dataset
  • mapbox-data delete-dataset: delete an entire dataset
$ npm install -g mapbox-data-cli
$ mapbox-data create-dataset "Traffic Data" "Traffic data for Phoenix area"
{"owner":"smith","id":"6dcc766430756d74120b9e5ff1c9d4dd","name":"Traffic Patterns,","description":"Traffic in the Pheonix Valley","created":"2015-08-05T02:35:59.828Z","modifie$
$ mapbox-data insert-features 6dcc766430756d74120b9e5ff1c9d4dd traffic.json

The output of the list, insert, and replace commands are line-delimited JSON objects of each feature. If you would like to have the JSON object of the whole FeatureCollection, use the --dump option.


mapbox-data insert-features and mapbox-data replace-dataset support stdin: you can pipe into them, and they'll put the data on Mapbox.

$ npm install -g geojson-random # util that generates random geojson
$ geojson-random | mapbox-data insert-features DATASETID

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