Lwt Node - a node.js like API for Native
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$ cnpm install lwt-node 
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lwt-node, a reason implemention of the node.js API.


First you need to install esy, Sandboxed and project based installations that share build artifacts and builds, for lightning fast installations and incremental builds:

yarn global add esy

# OR with npm

npm install --global esy

Then go ahead and add lwt-node to your project with esy:

esy add lwt-node


See https://github.com/kennetpostigo/lwt-node-starter


See https://kennetpostigo.github.io/lwt-node


See Contributing.md

Missing or yet to be implemented API's are documented with compile-time warnings, are noted in the documentation and are listed in Future.md. If you'd like to help contribute, please open a pull-request, no code needed! We'll try to help steer you in the right direction!


  1. Clone the project
  2. Run esy install
  3. Run esy build


esy make test

Running commands If you want to run commands that work directly on the project, you must always prefex them with esy x in order to run the command in the sandboxed environment.


lwt-node would not be possible without all the hard work from the maintainers and contributors of of lwt. lwt-node is powered by lwt and the ocaml standard lib. Lwt provides a battle tested promise implementation and async operators. If you love lwt-node I recommend showing love to the lwt project.



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