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Loopback + Angular Starter

contributed by Rahul Singh rahulrsingh09@gmail.com and also a big shout out to Sirrele Steinfeld admin@sirrele.io her blog helped me a lot

To Get your hands dirty directly

Clone the repository https://github.com/rahulrsingh09/Angular-LoopbackStarter.git and then do a npm install in the root directory for Loopback and then cd client and npm install for Angular .

  • Install Angular-CLI

     npm install -g @angular/cli 
  • Install Loopback CLI

     npm install -g loopback-cli
  • The Current setup uses Angular (v5) pentagonal-donut and loopback 3.x

Props to Sirrele Steinfeld and her Blog, from which i took guidance to start this Starter Project.

Please Go through her Blog and then this set up will become easy and then you can refer to this for Angular and Loopback methods.

For Stuff on Angular Concepts check this

Stuff used to make this:

  • Blog for Putting this together by Sirrele Steinfeld

One step Further than the Blog

  • I have written a middle ware function that intercepts any inceoming requests and if loopback doesnot understand the request it will redirect it to the Angular index.html which we have build in the first place using ng build in the dist folder of client. So now we can serve the same app using only one server running.

  • To test the same, just run the loopback server using node . and then in the address bar of the browser write a url which loopback doesnot understand. like localhost:3000/home and see the magic .

  • Pre-requisits . You must have the Angular App pre comipled in the dist Folder (as of now) will try and automate this soon.

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