A boilerplate for a Vue application using LoopBack
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$ cnpm install loopback-vue-boilerplate 
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A boilerplate for a Vue application using LoopBack

Get Started

  • Clone this repository or use npm
$ git clone https://github.com/cslinmiso/loopback-vue-boilerplate.git
$ npm install loopback-vue-boilerplate
  • Install dependencies specified in package.json
$ npm install
  • Start the server (default port is set to 3000)
$ npm start


  • npm run build: Bundles the application into .build/.

  • npm run dev: Starts developer server, contains webpack hot module replacement.

  • npm run prod: Starts production server, make sure you have already deployed the application.

  • npm run clean: Removes the bundled files.

Built-in example

A simple 'Hello World' Vue.js application contains an example by Evan You (yyx990803) is included in this boilerplate. You can find those files under /client.

Hot reloading is only applied in development mode. In production mode, the code base is pre-compiled and placed under .build/static.




Copyright (C) 2016 Trey Lin, released under the MIT License.



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