auth by a local passwd file
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$ cnpm install local-auth 
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local auth middleware for Express

Authentication based on a local .passwd file, for projects that just want to simply prevent public accesses, this shall help you!


npm install local-auth


  1. add the following lines to your app.js:
require('local-auth')(app, express, {secret:"<mysecret>", ttl: 86400000})

NOTE that you will need app.use(require("cookie-parser")()) before this line.

  1. create a .passwd file in the same dir of app.js, with the following content (split username and password by spaces):
admin adminpassword
 user userpassword
  1. enjoy!


  1. secret: required, a string used to generate the token.
  2. ttl: optional, the ttl of the token, in ms. default value is 2 days.
  3. dirname: optional, you can specify the root dirname for your custom public/views instead of using the default ones.
  4. byPassPaths: optional, regular expresssion for paths that will be allowed to access for non-logged in clients, like the login path and assets files.

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