Send checks from Lob in an easily scriptable manner
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$ cnpm install lob-check 
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A library for sending checks with Lob.

To use via the command-line, see lob-check-cli.


npm i lob-check
const lobCheck = require(`lob-check`)

checkPromise = lobCheck({ apiKey, address, check })

A function that expects an object with three properties.

  • apiKey: a Lob API key.
  • address: an address object. If there is an existing address with the same properties, that address will be used instead of creating a new address.
  • check: a check object to be created.

Properties will be automatically converted from camelCase to snake_case before sending to the API.

Returns a promise that resolves to the resulting check object.

You'll need to create the from address and bankAccount manually in the Lob Dashboard and pass those ids as string properties on the check object..


const lobCheck = require(`lob-check`)

const apiKey = process.env.LOB_API_KEY

	address: {
		name: `Accelerando Coffee House`,
		addressLine1: `7023 Cass Street`,
		addressCity: `Omaha`,
		addressState: `NE`,
		addressZip: `68132`,
	check: {
		from: `adr_2aa6e965740a9613`,
		bankAccount: `bank_647a2fce6ff7148`,
		amount: 420.69,
}).then(checkResponse => {
}).catch(err => {
	console.error(err.message || err)



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