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$ cnpm install livesearch-service 
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How to run this project


The following tools are required


Visual Studio Code:

Building in Visual Studio Code

To have the project's TypeScript automatically compile when the file changes, press Command + Shift + B in Visual Studio Code. Otherwise, you'll have to run the 'tsc' command inside the folder each time you want your changes compiled.

Running in Visual Studio Code

Open the folder in Visual Studio Code, select the debug tab, and run one of the following launch configurations:

  • Launch in Docker
  • Run UNIT Tests

Launch in Docker:

This launch configuration will start up the service, accessible via port 3000, as well as enable remote debugging, accessible via port 9222. It will also monitor the source code directory for changes, recompiling on the fly and restarting the node runtime within the container.

Running from the CLI

To start a local server, without remote debugging enabled:

  • npm run compose:up

You should now be able to hit the service via http://localhost:3000.

To shutdown the service execute:

  • npm run compose:down

Remote Debugging

To start a local service, with remote debugging and the ability to edit code on the fly, execute:

  • npm run compose:dev
  • npm run watch

You should now be able to hit the service via http://localhost:3000. In addition, the inspector port is accessible via port 9222. Any changes to source will be reflected live in the running container.

To shutdown the service execute:

  • npm run compose:down:dev


To execute INTEGRATION tests, execute:

  • npm run compose:test


The plugin SonarLint is used optionally by developers who wish to catch code quality errors inline as they develop. For instructions on how to install the SonarLint plugin and configure it with their account can be found here:

How to install type definitions for JavaScript libraries

TypeScript recently changed the official way of installing type definitions. See this blog post for information on the new way of getting types. Also checkout the site for searching available definitions.

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