A cli application for talking to the official lifx api
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$ cnpm install lifx-client -g
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lifx client

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Control your lifx system through the command line.


npm install -g lifx-client


turn all lights on;

lifx -1

turn all lights off:

lifx -0

turn group:Room on:

lifx -g 'Room' -1

turn group:Room to the color blue:

lifx -g 'Room' -C blue

turn group:Room to the color limegreen with a brightness of 20% and saturation of 42%:

lifx -g 'Room' -C limegreen -B 20 -S 42

pulse group:Room to the color limegreen from the color red with a brightness of 20% and saturation of 42%:

lifx -g 'Room' -p -C limegreen -f red -B 20 -S 42

Try using aliases:

alias room="lifxcli -g 'Room'"


This client uses rc-yaml to grab config options. you can use rc files for specifying default cli arguments. rc will look for rc files with the name .lifxrc, so for instance you can store your lifx config in ~/.lifxrc.

More info on where rc looks is available here.

( I'd suggest saving your token here )

duration: 2 // default the duration to 2 seconds  

command line args

Usage: node lifx

  -k, --token=STRING      the token in plainText
  -T, --toggle            toggle the power of the bulbs
  -1, --on                turn on the lights
  -0, --off               turn off the lights
  -C, --color=STRING      set color (blue, red, pink...)
  -H, --hue=FLOAT         set color using hue (0-360)
  -K, --kelvin=FLOAT      set kelvin (0-100)
  -B, --brightness=FLOAT  set brightness (0-100)
  -S, --saturation=FLOAT  set saturation (0-100)
  -I, --infrared=FLOAT    set infrared (0-100)
  -i, --id=STRING         select bulb(s) by id
  -l, --label=STRING      select bulb(s) by label
  -g, --group=STRING      select bulb(s) by group name
  -L, --location=STRING   select bulb(s) by location name
  -b, --breathe           make the lights do a breathe effect
  -p, --pulse             make the lights do a pulse effect
  -d, --duration=FLOAT    duration/period of time for transitions
  -P, --persist           If true leave the last effect color. (breathe, pulse)
  -f, --from=STRING       The color to start the effect from. defaults to current color (breathe, pulse)
  -y, --cycles=FLOAT      The number of times to repeat the effect. (breathe, pulse)
  -e, --peak=FLOAT        Defines where in a period the target color is at its maximum. (breathe)
  -c, --scene=UUID        activate the scene via uuid
      --listScenes        show the currently known set of scenes
  -a, --status            show the status of the lights
  -h, --help              display this help
  -n, --notify            provide a system notification with details about the changes
  -v, --verbose           Log out verbose messages to the screen
  -V, --version           show the current version

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