Liftr is a scaffolding CLI for Node.js/Typescript APIs and Projects

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Liftr is a quick project-starter/pseudo-framework CLI, built on express, that will create the necessary files for you to begin a Node.js with Typescript project.


Install Liftr as a global CLI.

npm install -g liftr

cd <your-repo-location>

# Then you run
liftr -s <name-of-your-project>

This should setup a project with all the necessary folders and files so that you can begin building straight away!


Here are all the possibilities with Liftr

# Create a setup for your Nodejs/Typescript project
liftr -s <your-project-name>
liftr --setup <your-project-name>


# Create a route in the routes folder and add it to the routing module
liftr -r <your-route-name>
liftr --route <your-route-name>

# Create a controller in the controller folder
liftr -c <your-controller-name>
liftr --controller <your-controller-name>

# Create a middleware in the middleware folder
liftr -m <your-middleware-name>
liftr --middleware <your-middleware-name>

Supporting packages

Packages that can be used with liftr:

  • liftr-docs: A documentation tool for your Liftr routes with Swagger under the hood.


Want to file a bug, contribute some code, or improve documentation? Feel free to place an issue.

First fork this project.

git clone <your-forked-repo>
npm install

git checkout -b my-fix
# fix some code...

git commit -m "added this feature"
git push origin my-fix

Lastly, open a pull request on Github.

Before you run npm start, make sure you didn't install the liftr package globally. If you did, run npm uninstall -g liftr and run npm start, otherwise you will get an npm error.

The following npm scripts are available

  • npm start - create build, install globally and run liftr
  • npm run build - create build
  • npm run global - install globally and run liftr
  • npm run link-upstream - add remote
  • npm run sync - fetch, checkout, merge and push
  • npm run copy-templates - Moves templates to ./lib/templates
  • npm run refresh - removes node modules, package-lock.json, lib and re-installs everything.
  • npm run tscov - checks the type coverage of your project with tscov
  • npm run tscov:d - shows all uncovered types with tscov



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