A Node.JS utility module for building LeadConduit integrations
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$ cnpm install leadconduit-cakefile 
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Common LeadConduit Integration Cakefile

A Node.JS utility module for building LeadConduit integrations.

Build Status

This module provides the standard build utilities for integration modules. To use it:

  1. require in your module's package.json: npm install leadconduit-cakefile --save-dev
  2. due to npm-install bootstrapping issues, your module must include coffee-script in devDependencies (other build-related modules, e.g., mocha, coffeelint, are provided here and not needed in devDependencies).
  3. create a file called Cakefile in the root of the module, with this single line:

Cake Tasks

The tasks provided for the cake command (run cake to see the list, as well):

  • build - delete and rebuild the package's lib directory from all .coffee source files in src
  • lint - run coffeelint on .coffee source files in src
  • test - run the mocha unit tests defined in *-spec.coffee spec files in spec
    • Optionally, use -p or --prefix to specify a prefix for the test files to run. This can be a string which prefixes the files to target (e.g., "inbound" would match just inbound*-spec.coffee), or with a trailing slash, a directory name (e.g., "outbound/" would match all the *-spec.coffee files in spec/outbound).

If the module that includes this one needs to override one of the included tasks, it can do so by defining that task after the require listed above:

task 'test', ->
  console.log 'Tests? We ain\'t got no tests. We don\'t need no tests. I don\'t have to show you any stinking tests.'

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