Error mapping for Datalink Connectors
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$ cnpm install kinvey-datalink-errors 
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Kinvey Datalink Errors

Create Kinvey-formatted errors for Datalinks


npm install kinvey-datalink-errors


Kinvey Errors exposes a single function, generateKinveyError which takes the error type and an error. The error can either be a string or a JavaScript Error.

var kinveyErrors = require('kinvey-datalink-errors');

var myError = kinveyErrors.generateKinveyError("NotFound", "The record is not found"); // a string
var myError = kinveyErrors.generateKinveyError("NotFound, new Error("The record is not found")); // an error

The library returns the error passed as a Kinvey-formatted error.

  error: "NotFound",
  description: "The requested entity or entites were not found in the collection."
  debug: "THe record is not found"
  statusCode: 404

If an error object is passed and it contains a stack trace, the stack trace will also be included in the error object.

Error Types

This library exposes the following error types:

Error Type Description
NotFound Used when an entity is not found. Note: This should only be used on getById and deleteById commands. Otherwise, an empty array should be returned (for getAll, getByQuery) or a count of 0 (for deleteByQuery, countByQuery).
BadRequest Used for any invalid input - queries, body, etc.
Unauthorized Used when the operation or user is unauthorized to perform the operation.
Forbidden Used when an operation is forbidden.
NotAllowed Used when the request is not allowed
NotImplemented Used when a specific method is not implemented
RuntimeError Used for any type of runtime error

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