A simple utility for creating an object with values equal to its keys. Identical to react/lib/keyMirror
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$ cnpm install keymirror 
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Create an object with values equal to its key names.

I thought react/lib/keyMirror was useful and wanted to reuse it without any dependencies.

This is not my code, this is property of Facebook.


npm install keymirror

var keyMirror = require('keyMirror');
var COLORS = keyMirror({blue: null, red: null});
var myColor =;
var isColorValid = !!COLORS[myColor];

The last line could not be performed if the values of the generated enum were not equal to their keys.

Input: {key1: val1, key2: val2}

Output: {key1: key1, key2: key2}

I sometimes use this with lodash - use the following upon your first use of lodash to mix it in:

var _ = require('lodash');
_.mixin({keyMirror: require('keyMirror')});
// Can now be used as _.keyMirror(object)

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