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$ cnpm install kabuda-ui 
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Right now we

  • Set up stores with the index.html
  • Give the entire uiData and the lang
  • First render will be in lang used to build (could be re-painted on load, not sure about that ux)
  • We could build with no uiData so that its blank, then load uiData on load
  • There's no spinner by default, we would need to put that in the code (if no data, render spinner)
  • There's no auth so we would need to fetch from the client side
Options for start, build, and deploy scripts
Flag Description
--release Minimizes and optimizes the compiled output
--verbose Prints detailed information to the console
--static Renders specified routes as static html files

For example:

$ npm run build -- --static                 # Build the static pages in render
$ npm run build -- --release --verbose      # Build the app in production mode


$ npm start -- --release                    # Launch dev server in production mode

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