TypeScript fork with React jsx support
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$ cnpm install jsx-typescript -g
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JSX-TypeScript is a TypeScript fork that brings React JSX support to the language.


You can install this package with npm

npm install -g jsx-typescript

This package has the exact same structure than the typescript one; so tools which are able to use the typescript compiler should be able to use this package.


The executable is named jsx-tsc instead of tsc, and has the exact same options than tsc:

jsx-tsc myFile.ts


JSX-TypeScript does not define React.createElement, and treat it has a simple function call, you need a definition file for react, and I advise you to use the one provided by this repository react.d.ts.

This version of the compiler contains special case for JSXElement call and how it resolves type arguments in a React.createElement, For example it only infers type argument from the jsx tag name. This behavior has been implemented to provide a better experience with the React framework, but I only have tried my compiler against the provided definition file.


  • Re-enable formatting for JSX
  • In general more tests, stabilization, better error reporting, etc...

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