Thin wrapper around jss that simplifies its interface and restricts you to a single stylesheet.
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$ cnpm install jss-simple 
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Thin wrapper around jss that simplifies its interface and restricts you to a single, global stylesheet.


$ npm install jss-simple


jss-simple is designed specifically for global, single-sheet, statically determined styles. Instead of creating stylesheets, jss-simple maintains a single stylesheet internally for you, which you can either toString or attach whenever your components have all been imported.

This means that before you call toString/attach all your style rules must have been added. So you must make sure that they are evaluated at import/require time - which generally means that they are in the outer-most scope of your module. E.g.


import css from 'jss-simple'

export default function render ({props}) {
  const style = css({
    primary: {
      color: 'green'

  return <div class={style.primary}>{props.text}</div>


import css from 'jss-simple'

const style = css({
  primary: {
    color: 'green'

export default function render ({props}) {
  return <div class={style.primary}>{props.text}</div>

Once you've required your top-level component (which requires all of your other components, transitively), your stylesheet should be complete. So at the top of your app you can do:

import App from 'components/app'
import * as jss from 'jss-simple'

render(<App />)

Or on the server:

import App from 'components/app'
import * as jss from 'jss-simple'
import extend from 'jss-extend'
import nested from 'jss-nested'
import prefixer from 'jss-vendor-prefixer'
import camelCase from 'jss-camel-case'

const style = jss

export default function renderPage (args) {
  return `
        ${render(<App />, args)}

Or with hot reloading on the client using vdux:

// ...imports...
import * as jss from 'jss-simple'


let hmr
domready(() => hmr = vdux({
  initialState: window.__initialState__,
  app: state => <App state={state} />

if (module.hot) {
  module.hot.accept(['./components/app', './reducer'], () => {
    hmr.replace(require('./components/app').default, require('./reducer').default)


  • css(obj, key) - Default export. Add obj to the global sheet's rules. Returns only the classes property from the sheet. So you have css({primary: {color: 'green'}}) -> {primary: <generatedClassName>}. The key parameter is optional, and can be used in development to prevent styles from accumulating when using hot module replacement.
  • use(plugin) - Add a jss plugin.
  • attach() - Attach the global sheet to the DOM.
  • toString() - Render the global sheet and return it as a string.
  • detach() - Detach the global sheet (useful for hot reloading, etc.).
  • clear() - Clear the internal stylesheet. (useful for hot reloading).


jss-simple just uses regular jss plugins. Nothing special here, just .use them as you normally would.

Hot Reloading

You can just use jss-simple as demonstrated in the example above, and it will work just fine. However, since it can't tell which stylesheets are the new ones, they'll just keep accumulating, and your browser may become slow. To fix this, there is a second parameter to css called key. You can pass one yourself like this:

css({...style...}, __filename)

Or you can use this babel plugin in development to automatically do it for you: babel-plugin-jss-simple.



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