A slimmed down version of jsonld.js for usage with webpack.
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$ cnpm install jsonld-lite 
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jsonld-lite is a stripped version of jsonld.js. The main purpose is to provide a version of jsonld.js which can be used together with webpack and not pulling in all dependencies it normally needs for running on node.


  • Should not work on node.js ;)
  • Fixed jsonld.js version to 0.4.9, due to a funny bug
  • Difference to jsonld.js
    • dropped node support, removes request and pkginfo as dependencies
    • removed jquery and node documentLoader
    • removed RDFa parser, this drops the need for a XML parser. This removes xmldom dependency
    • removed JsonLdProcessor, as it seems to be unnecessary


Any issues occurring are most likely originating from json.ld, especially parsing or formatting issues. If you believe the issues are originating from this package, report them here.


jsonld-lite is built by transforming the jsonld.js source with the help of jscodeshift. The applied transformations can be found in the transformations folder.

You build jsonld-lite yourself by running

npm install
npm run prepublish


jsonld.js is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. As this project is basically a slimmed down version of jsonld.js, it is also licensed under the BSD-3-Clause.

The transformations are licensed under the GPL-3.0.

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