Joi extensions for email normalization, MX record validation, matching a domain pattern and checking for free/disposable email provider domains.
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$ cnpm install joi-email-extensions 
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Joi extensions providing email normalization, MX record validation, checking for emails from free and disposable email providers and various ways to match against a list of email patterns or domains.


The methods of this extension are chained after the Joi email validator.

import BaseJoi from 'joi'
import JoiEmailExtensions from 'joi-email-extensions'

const Joi = BaseJoi.extend([JoiEmailExtensions])

const schema = Joi.object().keys({
  // Normalize an email
  normalizedEmail: Joi.string().email().normalize(),

  // Check if email is not from known disposable email provider
  notAThrowAwayEmail: Joi.string().email().nonDisposable(),

  // Validate an email by ensuring the domain has MX records
  mxValidatedEmail: Joi.string().email().hasMx(),

  // Validate only emails from a given exact domain
  exactDomain: Joi.string().email().domains(['mydomain.tld']),

  // Validate email against a list of patterns
  onlyUkEuDomains: Joi.string().email().domains([
  ], { mode: 'glob' }),

  // Allow emails from domains with the word 'awesome' or 'awful'
  onlyAwesomeDomains: Joi.string().email().domains([
  ], { mode: 'regexp' })

const result = schema.validate({
  normalizedEmail: 'someEmaIlAdDress@MydoMaiN.tld',
  notAThrowAwayEmail: 'john.doe@mydomain.tld',
  mxValidatedEmail: '',
  exactDomain: 'john.die@mydomain.tld',
  onlyUkEuDomains: '',
  onlyAwesomeDomains: 'john.doe@awesome.tld'

// { error: null,
//   value:
//    { normalizedEmail: 'someemailaddress@mydomain.tld',
//      notAThrowAwayEmail: 'webmastere@mydomain.tld',
//      mxValidatedEmail: '',
//      exactDomain: 'john.die@mydomain.tld',
//      onlyUkEuDomains: '',
//      onlyAwesomeDomains: 'john.doe@awesome.tld' } }



Transforms email string to a normalized form. Uses normalize-email under the hood.



Require the email to be from a domain that is not a known disposable email provider.



Require the email to have valid MX records for handling email.


domains(patterns, options)

Require the email to be from a list of domain names. The domain names to match against are passed as the patterns argument and can be specified as exact strings, or glob patterns or regular expressions. The options argument takes an object containing 'mode' with acceptable values of 'exact' (default), 'regexp' or 'glob'.

Joi.string().email().domains(['mydomain.tld'], { mode: 'exact' })


Jawish Hameed

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