Streaming parser for JMdict and related files.
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$ cnpm install jmdict-streaming-parser 
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Streaming parser for JMdict and related files.


import { createGunzip } from 'zlib'
import { createReadStream } from 'fs'
import { JmdictTransform } from 'jmdict'
import { pipeline } from 'stream'

// Stream style
  new JmdictTransform()
).on('data', data => { console.log(data) })


class JmdictTransform extends Duplex

A duplex stream that reads XML data and writes plain objects subject to the rules in § Object structure.

new JmdictTransform(opts?: DuplexOptions)

Object structure

Each result object is transformed from the source XML.

  • Text nodes are transformed into a string value keyed by $text.
    • If the parent XML element only has a text node as its child, the resulting object is collapsed into just a string with the text.
      • This exploits the fact that JMdict does not contain mixed text nodes and XML elements.
    • Text nodes whose sole content is a newline are ignored.
  • XML elements are transformed into an object and appended into an array value in its corresponding parent object where the key is the name of the XML element.
    • Attributes of the element are merged into the object.
  • Children of the root node are streamed as output.
  • Entities are represented by the entity name.

This deliberate generalization is to allow for possible parsing of files similar to the JMdict.


Maps entity names to entity values.

event: mdate

Emits the modification date of the file, if detected. String type.

event: entity

Emits an object containing keys name and value representing entities detected.

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