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$ cnpm install jj 
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Just JavaScript!

JJ A human readable WYWIWIR (what you write is what is run) DSL for creating and manipulating HTML and CSS for modern browsers.

Do you know what is faster than VDOM? No VDOM!

Modern browsers are pretty awesome out of the box and get you pretty far without having to "compile" (transpile) an interpreted language (JavaScript) to an earlier version of it (ES5). This is a proof of concept to show how far we can go without having to compile the code.

Design principals

  • Modern: take full advantage of ever-green browser features. No support for legacy browsers
  • Sugar but not magic: it'll let you write shorter code but it won't do much logic behind the scene
  • Excplicit: make the code more readable and easier to follow
  • Basic: use plain old javascript objects (POJOs) for describing HTML and CSS


npm i jj


        <script type="module" src="index.js" defer async></script>
import { ready, html } from '/node_modules/jj/dist/jj.js'

ready(() => {
    html.div('Hello world!').appendToBody()


Will be written when we reach a stable API.



Made in Sweden ???????? by @alexewerlof

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