An Eclipse Orion server based on Node.js and connect.
$ cnpm install jb-orion 
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Orion (9.0)

A minimal, single-user deployment of Eclipse Orion. Orion provides an extensible IDE that runs in your browser. It's particularly good for writing Javascript.


  • Basic file management
  • Source code editing
  • Install plugins to customize your environment
  • Fully featured web shell provided by pty.js (OS X and Linux only)


For full instructions, see the Getting Started guide.


Run npm install orion. Or checkout the source repo from GitHub or Eclipse.org.

Running the server

  1. Browse to the directory where you installed Orion, usually node_modules/orion/.
  2. Edit the orion.conf file. Uncomment the following line, replacing the password with something of your choice:

This prevents unauthorized access to your Orion server. 3. Run npm start orion or node [node_modules]/orion/server.js. 4. Go to http://localhost:8081 to use Orion. You will be prompted with a basic auth dialog; enter the password you chose earlier.

The port number can be changed by passing the -p argument.

Global installation

If you installed Orion as a global package with npm install -g orion, you can run the command orion from any directory (rather than npm start orion as outlined above.) Orion will then start using your current directory (or a directory you specify on the command line) as the location. See the Getting Started guide for more details.

Using Orion within a larger app

Use require('orion') to get access to our startServer function, which is suitable for use within a larger connect project:

var orion = require('orion');
var connect = require('connect');
var myapp = connect()
			.use(orion({ workspaceDir: '.myworkspace' }))
			/* .use( additional handlers ) */

Running the tests

We use Mocha for our tests. Run npm test or mocha.


Dual-licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0 and the Eclipse Distribution License v1.0.

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