Adds Jade support to brunch with angularjs template cache modules.
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$ cnpm install jade-angularjs-brunch2 
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Automatic compiler Jade templates to AngularJS modules for Brunch.IO

Based of @GulinSS's work.

Sample of settings:

Add to dependencies section in package.json of your project:

"jade-angularjs-brunch" : "1.6"

Add to templates section in config.coffee:

    'js/dontUseMe' : /^app/ #slutty hack for Jade-auto-compiling

Add to plugin section in config.coffee:

              pretty: yes # Adds pretty-indentation whitespaces to output (false by default)
              modules_folder: 'templates'
              locals: {}
  • modules_folder: folder with your template
  • locals: context for jade compiler

Now you can get angular.js modules:

if your file is at app/src/blog/templates/article/index.jade


angular.module('login.templates', [])
.run(['$templateCache', function($templateCache) {
  return $templateCache.put('/blog/article/index', [
'This is content of your jade-file',''].join("\n"));


This plugin was created to fix two things in the original jade-angularjs-brunch :

  • multiple files for templates
  • broken naming for after-dir parts. Ie blog/templates/article/index.jade give blog/templates/index.html because it only takes the last part, which is incorrect.

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