A pseudo-random number generator, rare, powerful, and extensible.
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Ivoire Core

A pseudo-random number generator, rare, powerful, and extensible.

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Ivoire is a pseudo-random number generator, powered by the Mersenne Twister. Ivoire provides the building blocks for generating deterministic random sequences. Deterministic, or pseudo-random sequences appear random, but reliably generate the same sequence from the same seed.

Ivoire is designed to be extensible, and has a constellation of plugins for various purposes.


The core of Ivoire (and some of its plugins) is based roughly on the core of chancejs.



  • Fixed major bugs in #integer() and #shuffle().
  • Fixed other bugs.
  • Added more/better tests.
  • Removed interface mirroring of Mersenne Twister implementation. Only #random() is proxied now. This is technically a backwards-incompatible change, but it seems silly to go to 2.0 when the library is so new.


Initial release. Pretty broken.

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