Bare minimum async methods using promises
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$ cnpm install items-promise 
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Bare minimum async methods using promises. (Inspired by items)

>_ yarn add items-promise

OR using NPM

>_ npm install items-promise
const { serial, parallel } = require('items-promise')

// OR

import { serial, parallel } from 'items-promise'


tasks should be always an array and fn should be a function witch returns a Promise object.

serial(tasks, fn)

Run tasks one by one by calling fn(task, previous) in a promise chain.

Return value is of type Promise<*> which resolves to the last fn result.

parallel(tasks, fn)

Run all tasks in parallel by calling fn(tasks) and await using Promise.all.

Return value is of type Promise<Array[*]> which resolves to results of all fns in an array.


Released under The MIT LICENSE

Copyright (c) 2017 Pooya Parsa

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