A simple redux (and only redux) env
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$ cnpm install isolate-redux-env 
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Isolate Redux Enviroment


At some point I noticed that we at the front end making a big salad every time we touched a project. There are many libraries, patterns and concepts that we have to apply and or these reasons we usually tend to have a complex view of our application, and this can lead us to duplication of code, poor quality and/or efficiency code and often poorly done architecture. Isolating the redux environment, is part of an idea called LUS, you can know more here


We are using Yarn, click on link and install it before anything!

yarn ... description
dev run webpack on --watch mode
build generate you ire build into dist
test run test in watch mode (for TDD)
test:cov run tests with coverage
lint pass lint through your src files with AirBnb lint
lint:fix fix some of the lint problems
coveralls send coverage data for coveralls


I resolve to divide the code by modules, a vice that I bring after programming sometime in python. Inside src I habe 3 modules: common, apiexample and counter, everyone have yours models, actions, reducer and constants. I like to use index.js inside modules to export the parts :D

Good things


We have a store function that you can pass ehancers list as a parameter! Example: DevTools.instruments()

Api Middleware

Project have a middleware (common/middleware), that called apiMiddleware. It verify the action to find a property called client, client need be a mappersmith promisse. Diferent from another actions, this actions nedd 3 types (doing, done, fail), that will be executed in every part of request. Example Here


I create a function that use a Map<string, reducer> to get dinamically the reducer called on action without switch. For this your action need be the name of the method. Example: I want to called my doThisForMe reducer, so the type of my action will be doThisForMe, and yes you cando do something like that:

export const DO_THIS_FOR_ME = "doThisForMe"

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