Gulp task for Ionic projects to transpile and bundle JavaScript/TypeScript sources with webpack

ionic-gulp-webpack-build has been renamed to ionic-gulp-webpack.
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$ cnpm install ionic-gulp-webpack-build 
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Webpack Build Task

Use webpack to transpile and bundle your source files.

You will need to provide a webpack.config.js file in your project root. For more information on webpack configuration, see



Returns a Promise that resolves when the build is finished.

Available options:

  • watch (boolean) Whether to watch for changes or not. Default: false.
  • watchOptions (Object) Watch options for webpack. Default: null.
  • config (Object) Configuration for webpack. Default: uses webpack.config.js from your project root.
  • statsOptions (Object) Stats options for webpack. Default:
  'colors': true,
  'modules': false,
  'chunks': false,
  'exclude': ['node_modules']


var webpackBuild = require('ionic-gulp-webpack-build');

gulp.task('build', webpackBuild);

gulp.task('watch', function(){
  return webpackBuild({
    watch: true,
    statsOptions: {
      'colors': false,
      'errorDetails': true

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