Instagram private API wrapper for full access to instagram
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$ cnpm install instagram-private-api-fork 
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NodeJS Instagram private API client


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From npm

npm install instagram-private-api

From github

npm install github:dilame/instagram-private-api


You can find usage examples here

import { IgApiClient } from './src';
import { sample } from 'lodash';
const ig = new IgApiClient();
// You must generate device id's before login.
// Id's generated based on seed
// So if you pass the same value as first argument - the same id's are generated every time
// Optionally you can setup proxy url
ig.state.proxyUrl = process.env.IG_PROXY;
(async () => {
  // Execute all requests prior to authorization in the real Android application
  // Not required but recommended
  await ig.simulate.preLoginFlow();
  const loggedInUser = await ig.account.login(process.env.IG_USERNAME, process.env.IG_PASSWORD);
  // The same as preLoginFlow()
  // Optionally wrap it to process.nextTick so we dont need to wait ending of this bunch of requests
  process.nextTick(async () => await ig.simulate.postLoginFlow());
  // Create UserFeed instance to get loggedInUser's posts
  const userFeed = ig.feed.user(;
  const myPostsFirstPage = await userFeed.items();
  // All the feeds are auto-paginated, so you just need to call .items() sequentially to get next page
  const myPostsSecondPage = await userFeed.items();
    // Like our first post from first page or first post from second page randomly
    mediaId: sample([myPostsFirstPage[0].id, myPostsSecondPage[0].id]),
    moduleInfo: {
      module_name: 'profile',
      username: loggedInUser.username,
    d: sample([0, 1]),


If you need features that is not implemented - feel free to implement and create PRs!

Plus we need some documentation, so if you are good in it - you are welcome.

Useful links

instagram-id-to-url-segment - convert the image url fragment to the media ID

Special thanks

Original author of this library is Richard Hutta. Thanks to him for starting it.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

  1. You will not use this repository for sending mass spam or any other malicious activity
  2. We / You will not support anyone who is violating this EULA conditions
  3. Repository is just for learning / personal purposes thus should not be part of any service available on the Internet that is trying to do any malicious activity (mass bulk request, spam etc.)

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