Globbing preloader for Webpack
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$ cnpm install import-glob-loader 
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Globbing preloader for Webpack

Expands globbing patterns for import statements. Currently only does vertical expansion, e.g.

@import "foo/**/*";

Expands into

@import "foo/1.scss";
@import "foo/bar/2.scss";
@import "foo/bar/3.scss";


npm install import-glob-loader --save-dev


You can use it one of two ways, the recommended way is to use it as a preloader for files you know has import statements. This usually applies to ES6 module import statements, CSS @import at-rules, and Sass @import statements.

  module: {
    preloaders: [{
      test: /\.scss/,
      loader: 'import-glob-loader'

Alternatively you can use it as a chained loader



All options are passthrough to node-glob. import-glob comes with two additional options.

  • test = 'import' The test for globbing to be applied. Lines matching test will be expanded. (This is a word-boundary test, so import will match @import but not importScript, for example)
  • delimiter = '\n' The delimiter used to join expanded globs.

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