blob store that saves files to imgur
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$ cnpm install imgur-blob-store 
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A blob store that stores images on Imgur.



With npm:

npm install --save imgur-blob-store


var fs = require('fs')
var spawn = require('child_process').spawn
var imgur = require('imgur-blob-store')

var store = imgur({
  token: 'abcdef123456'

// writing to imgur
  .pipe(store.createWriteStream(function (err, img) {
    if (err) throw err
    // removing images--requires the deletehash
    store.remove({ deletehash: img.deletehash }, function () {})

// reading from imgur
var feh = spawn('feh', ['-'])

// exists
store.exists('pU7nQnP', function (err, exists) {


var imgur = require('imgur-blob-store')(options)

Available options are:

imgur.createWriteStream(options, cb)

Returns a writable stream. options is optional and ignored, imgur will assign a key for you.

cb is called with (err, metadata) when the upload failed or completed. metadata is the data object returned by imgur ( Some useful properties are:

  • key - The ID of the image, for use with createReadStream and other methods
  • deletehash - The deletehash of the image, for use with remove()
  • link - The publically accessible for the image
  • type - Detected mime type
  • width / height - Image dimensions
  • size - Size of the image in bytes, this can be different from the original size because imgur compresses images


Returns a readable stream. options.key should be an imgur image ID.

imgur.exists(options, cb)

Checks if an image exists. options.key should be an imgur image ID. Calls cb with (err, exists).

imgur.remove(options, cb)

Deletes an image from imgur. options.deletehash should be the image's delete hash. Calls cb with (err).



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