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$ cnpm install ilp-plugin-ethereum-asym-server 
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ILP Plugin Ethereum Asym Server

Server to Ethereum Asym Client


This plugin is still under development. Don't use it for large amounts of money.

This is an implementation of an ILP integration with Ethereum. It uses simple unidirectional payment channels on Ethereum, by making use of the Machinomy library.

One party must run this Asym Server, and then any number of clients can connect by using Ethereum Asym Client. Each client opens a payment channel to this server, and will immediately send a claim. This claim is to cover the transaction fee of the server opening a channel to the client. The end result is that the server and client have two payment channels, allowing either one to send and receive.

Interleger packets are passed over the websocket connection that the client and server share, and then are periodically settled by passing claims over the websocket connection. The ILP Connector will manage this logic for you.


export SECRET=eepauZo4UTh2Iejuo9Aichahph0ooy5boojohtoh
npm install
DEBUG=* node scripts/server-infura.js

For testing purposes

export SECRET="lazy glass net matter square melt fun diary network bean play deer"
npm install
DEBUG=* node test-infura-sell.js

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