A loctool plugin that knows how to process github-flavored markdown files
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Ilib loctool plugin to parse and localize github-flavored markdown

Release Notes


  • added a "fullyTranslated" setting for the markdown code. This makes sure that if a file does not have all of its translations, then that file is produced in the source language.
    • Also produces a file in the project root called translation-status.json that details which files were fully translated and which were not
  • Fixed a bug where markdown tables were not handled properly
  • Fixed a bug where inline code was not handled properly if it was the only thing in the localizable segment. Inline code should only be localized if it is in the middle of or adjacent to localizable text.


  • Fixed a bug where self-closed tags like
    in markdown files were not handled properly, causing exceptions that complained about syntax errors


  • Add support for localizing links and link references.

By default, URLs are not localizable, as the majority are the same in all languages. Sometimes, however you want to be able to give a different URL for each locale. With this new features, you can turn on link localization.

To localize a link in the text, put a localize-links directive around it, which is an lint-style HTML comment. Example:

There are
<!-- i18n-enable localize-links -->
<!-- i18n-disable localize-links -->
of them for sale.

The text "fifty" is localized along with the rest of the sentence in the string:

There are <c0>fifty</c0> of them for sale.

Note the c0 tags denote where the link goes. The directives, being HTML comments, are not included in the string to translate.

The URL itself appears as a separate string to translate.

Localizing a link reference is very similar. Surround the reference definition with a localize-links directive:

There are [fifty][url] of them for sale.

<!-- i18n-enable localize-links -->
[url]: "link title"
<!-- i18n-disable localize-links -->

The link title for link reference definitions is included as a separate string to translate.


  • The plugin now adds a translator comment/note for inline code so that the translator can know what the text of the self-closing components is.


  • Add support for shortcut and full link references
    • Shortcut references are converted back to full so that the title of the reference can be translated to something different than the [possibly] English label of the shortcut.


  • Handle valueless HTML attributes properly


  • The previous fix where HTML comments were not recognized and skipped properly was only fixed for the parsing side of this plugin. Now it is fixed for the localization side as well.


  • Fixed a bug where HTML comments were not recognized and skipped properly if there was whitespace/indentation before them in the source file.


  • Fixed reference link support. If there is text in a reference link, then it will be included in the text to localize.

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