a command line tool to search and open saved bookmarks
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$ cnpm install igoogle 
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A command line tool to search and open saved bookmarks


When I write code, the terminal window that is closest to me. Whenever I need to query a document or a certain question, I need to open the browser and enter the content to query. If all this can be done through the CLI command That's a great thing to do, so referring to nrm's code, this simple tool was born.


npm i igoogle

// global
npm i igoogle --g



it's super simple to use. here are some practical scenarios.

for bookmark

open one bookmark in optional browser, default is chrome.

igoogle open react

add one bookmark in your igoogle config file.

igoogle add react https://zh-hans.reactjs.org/

rename one bookmark to a new name.

igoogle rename react reactjs

delete one bookmark by bookmark name.

igoogle del reactjs

ls all the bookmark

igoogle ls

for google search

search question via google.

igoogle s some question

igoogle search some question

# or just ctrl + c a question, and exec igoogle s
# it's useful when you have a trouble,you can ctrl+v the error msg, and search it quickly
igoogle s



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