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$ cnpm install idid -g
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Cool and simple CLI for iDoneThis (non-official).

idid is simple, because only allows creating dones in a single team, with an easy interface, no bells and whistles.

idid is cool, for obvious reasons, no need for an explanation here :)

Screenshot of idid in action


idid is a Nodejs application, and is distributed from npm, which stands for "Node Package Manager".

Head over to to install both Nodejs and npm.

Install idid by running:

$ npm install -g idid


Configuration happens in $HOME/.idid.json on UNIX based operating systems and in %HOMEPATH%\_idid.json on Windows.

If you're struggling to find the correct location for your configuration file, running $ idid -h will print the place idid is expecting the configuration file:

$ idid -h
Edit /Users/jviotti/.idid.json to modify the default token and team.

The configuration file takes two fields:

  • token: The account token, used for authentication. You can find yours at
  • team: The team where you want to post your dones to. Notice the team name sometimes doesn't match the display name shown in the website. To make sure you have the correct team name, open your team URL in iDoneThis web interface, and see the resulting URL. For example, I have a personal team called "Work", but the URL is, therefore, I'll use work-td3a as my team in my configuration file.

Be careful of writing invalid JSON to the configuration file, or you will get an "invalid" error. Remember that the keys should be surrounded with double quotes as well.

An example of a configuration would be:

  "token": "1234123412341234123412341234123412341234",
  "team": "work-td3a"

Please don't hesitate in opening an ticket if you need any help setting up idid.


Before submitting a PR, please make sure that you include tests, and that coffeelint runs without any warning:

$ gulp lint


If you're having any problem, please raise an issue on GitHub.


The project is licensed under the MIT license.

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