Runs hypergit seed as a background service
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$ cnpm install hypergit-service 
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Runs hypergit seed as a background service

Only Windows and Linux supported. This package uses os-service under the hood, so Mac support would need to be added to that package, not this one.

This will start the hypergit seeder on boot, so you don't have to run hypergit seed in a terminal somewhere everytime you want to share your hypergit repos.


First, make sure you have hypergit installed globally. (Or if not globally, somewhere that hypergit-service can still require() it as a peer-dependency.)

npm i -g hypergit

Next, install this package:

npm i -g hypergit-service

Finally, run the installer. It will prompt you for sudo/admin privileges.

hypergit-service install


If you want to remove the service run:

hypergit-service remove

It will prompt you for sudo/admin privileges in order to remove it.

View Log File

To confirm that the service is working, you can inspect the log file:

cd $(hypergit-service logdir)
cat log.txt

If the log file does not exist, you may need to tweak the OS service to make sure it is running as the currently logged in user and not as root/Administrator. (I didn't figure out how to do that auto-magically.)


Copyright 2018 William Hilton. Licensed under the MIT License

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