A hubot script to interact with warp
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$ cnpm install hubot-warp 
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hubot-warp: command and control from your chat room

This hubot script allows you to control warp executions from your chat room.


The script will rely on two variables:

  • HUBOT_WARP_URL: Where to send warp requests to
  • HUBOT_WARP_SHOW_URL: If necessary, what url to use for display


Hubot understands the following invocation:

  • hubot: warp me <command>
  • hubot: engage! <command>
  • <command>, engage!

Command specification

Warp commands may have a profile (with an optional arg) supplied as well as parameters. The full command specification is:

command (to profile param) (with param1 param2)

For instance, if you have a parameterized platform profile for the deploy command, you would say:

deploy to platform staging, engage!

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