Send taiga commands from hubot
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$ cnpm install hubot-taiga 
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Send commands to from hubot


  • Should work with any chat solution. Tested in Let's Chat and Slack.
  • Make changes to Taiga User Stories (more coming soon) with chat commands.
  • Same syntax as Taiga git commit messages.



hubot-taiga is in active development and not finished yet. Expect bugs and breaking changes until version 1.0.

  1. Make sure hubot is set up and redis is working (optional)
  2. Copy to <your hubot>/scripts/
  3. Set username/password as environment variables. I use a special Hubot user made in User should have admin privledges. HUBOT_TAIGA_USERNAME and HUBOT_TAIGA_PASSWORD and optional HUBOT_TAIGA_PROJECT Or just hard code them in the file (not great for upgrading script).
  4. Restart hubot



  • taiga info - view hubot-taiga settings
  • taiga project <project slug> - Set project per channel
  • taiga auth <username> <password> - Log in to post comments as your user
  • TG-REF Your comment Add a comment where REF is the User Story reference. Example TG-123 I think this is a great idea and TG-123 #done I finished it, I am the best.


There are many ways to work on hubot scripts. Here is how I do it.


This method uses docker-compose

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Run docker-compose run --rm hubot bash
  3. Run inside the container bin/hubot

Without Docker

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install a new hubot just for testing.
  3. cd to your new hubot install
  4. Set environment variables (see INSTALLATION). I write a small script for this.
  5. Run hubot like bin/hubot
  6. Test out your command. You will need to restart hubot for each change.
  7. Submit a merge request with better instructions (Auto-restart? Debugging?)

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