Steam adapter for Hubot.
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$ cnpm install hubot-steam 
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#Hubot steam A hubot adapter for the steam network. ##Installation Add hubot-steam to your package.json dependencies and run

npm install

or, if you didn't modify ./bin/hubot, it should do this automatically when you start hubot the next time. ##Usage

./bin/hubot -a steam

##Configuration If your account is not protected by steamguard, these two variables are enought:

  • HUBOT_STEAM_NAME The steam account name of the bot account.
  • HUBOT_STEAM_PASSWORD The password for the steam account.

otherwise it's a bit more complicated.

  1. Set the two variables mentioned above and start hubot. You should see an login error.
  2. Look into your steam accounts email adresse and get the authcode they sended you.
  3. Save the authcode as HUBOT_STEAM_CODE.
  4. Set HUBOT_STEAM_SENTRY_HASH to a random sha1 hash. For example you could visit this website and let your cat walk over the keyboard.
  5. Restart hubot. After you logged in, the hash should be registered with your account.
  6. Unset HUBOT_STEAM_CODE and restart hubot. You will now be able to log into your steamguard protect account, as long as you set HUBOT_STEAM_SENTRY_HASH to the registered value.

###Groupchats !!! Important: You can only use groupchats if you BOUGHT at least one game on you bot account!

To use groupchats, set HUBOT_STEAM_CHATS to a comma seperated list of group IDs. To obtain these, follow the three steps here:

  • Go to your GROUPS page on steam
  • Right click on a group name and chose Copy Link Address
  • And there is your group ID

##About This was original created by derdobs. At the moment it gets improved and extended by me.

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