Use hubot to send StatusCake status messages to your chat room.
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$ cnpm install hubot-statuscake 
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Send StatusCake status messages to your organization's chat room via Hubot.

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Within your Hubot's repository, run npm install hubot-statuscake --save

Then, edit your external-scripts.json and add "hubot-statuscake" within the array. For instance, the contents of my external-scripts.json looks like:


Configuration on Hubot's Server

There are three environment variables: STATUSCAKE_MESSAGE, STATUSCAKE_ROOM, and STATUSCAKE_TOKEN.

STATUSCAKE_MESSAGE is the message that will be sent to your room. It is a Mustache string. The following variables are available to you: name, url, status, statuscode, ip, token. Read for more details.

Important note: HTML entities are encoded by Mustache by default, so if you don't want that, use {{&somevar}} instead of {{somevar}}.

STATUSCAKE_ROOM is the name of the room in which you want to send your statuses. Default is statuscake.

STATUSCAKE_TOKEN is your user token. It is the MD5 sum of your username appended to your API key. This must be set. Otherwise, no messages will be sent. Default is an empty string.

Configuration on StatusCake

hubot-statuscake reponds to a POST request sent from StatusCake using their Ping URL mechanism. hubot-statuscake checks for a POST request on the /statuscake route.

To configure StatusCake, in a new or existing contact group, you will need to add the Ping URL that hubot-statuscake will be responding to.

To determine your Ping URL: If your Hubot is being hosted at, the Ping URL you would use would be

After you enter your Ping URL, save the contact group. StatusCake will now be sending requests to your Hubot.


To run the test suite, you can checkout the repository and run npm test.

You can also run the test suite if the package is installed by running npm test hubot-statuscake.


License is MIT. See LICENSE for more details.

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