Re-enable `slack-attachment` event for hubot-slack
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Re-enable slack-attachment in hubot-slack

When Slack introduced version 3 of their hubot-slack adapter the old slack-attachment was removed due to constraints in the RTM API.

This module attempts to reintroduce the event using Incoming Webhooks to somehow replicate the lost feature.

To use again slack-attachment events, just run the following in your hubot repository:

npm install hubot-slack-attachment-optimised --save

And then add hubot-slack-attachment-optimised to external-scripts.json.

Last but not least, you need to add the environment variable HUBOT_SLACK_INCOMING_WEBHOOK to the URL for the new incoming webhook you've just defined.


Emit a slack.attachment event with the following parameters:

robot.emit 'slack.attachment',
  message: msg.message
    # see
    text: "Attachment text"
    fallback: "Attachment fallback"
    fields: [{
      title: "Field title"
      value: "Field value"
  channel: "#general" # optional, defaults to
  username: "foobot" # optional, defaults to
  icon_url: "..." # optional
  icon_emoji: "..." # optional

Known Issues

  • The user name sending the attachment will be #{} (bot), so if your bot is named hubot it will appear as hubot (bot)


This software is licensed under MIT License. See [LICENSE][LICENSE] for more details.

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