Makes creating hubot responses easy.
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$ cnpm install hubot-response 
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Hubot Response

Makes writing hubot scripts as easy as

  "match": "Hello",
  "description": "hello - finish hello world!",
  "listener": "hear",
  "response": [



npm install --save hubot-response


In external-scripts.json add


Make your own responses

Create a responses directory. Create mysweetresponse.json and add

  "match": "Hello",
  "description": "hello - finish hello world!",
  "listener": "hear",
  "response": [

Now when hubot hears Hello in the room, it replies back with World!. Run npm start to try it out!

Checkout more examples.

Environment Variables

HUBOT_RESPONSE_GLOB - Glob of where to look for responses. Defaults to responses/*.*

How to use

Hubot Response can read anything that can be reqire-ed as an object. So json, js, coffee files all work.

The file should export either an object for one response, or an array for multiple responses.

Each response object should consist of:

  • match - Either a string that is turned into a regex, or an actual instance of RegExp that the robot is listening for.
  • description - Entry for hubot commands. Use this to display with hubot-help. See Commands for formatting.
  • listener - Either hear or respond.
  • response - Can be a String, Function that is called, or an Array where an index is randomly selected.

Try before you buy

Clone this locally and run

npm install
npm start

This will run a local hubot-shell. You can interact with the examples.

Protip: Run hubot help for a list of available commands.

Don't we already have a way of doing this?

Yes, and the hubot-scripts org is awesome! But for simple hear and respond modules (animated gifs mostly) customization sucks...

Say you want to use this awesome business-cat script, but really want to add an image.

You have 3 options:

  • Copy and paste the script into your hubot scripts folder and modify it there.
  • Fork it and modify it. Then deal with merge conflicts.
  • Submit a pull request, but maybe no one else want's your stupid cat picture?

None of these are really clean.


Since response files are just an object, we can extend however we want. You can see an example of this in the extension example.

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