A hubot script that retrieves Netrunner card images and text from
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$ cnpm install hubot-netrunner-reference 
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A hubot script that retrieves Netrunner card images and text from


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-netrunner-reference --save

Then add hubot-netrunner-reference to your external-scripts.json:


We use Slack output syntax; pull requests welcome to support other platforms. We also output emoji as :click:, :credit:, :mu:, :links:, :trash:, :recurringcredit:, and :subroutine:. Grab them from and upload them to your Slack.


> hubot netrunner|netrunnerdb|nrdb <card name>
> hubot netrunnertext|netrunnerdbtext|nrtx <card name>
> mention a [[card name]] in double square brackets

Whenever a card name is expected, we support prepending it with a card type or subtype, so program/hive finds Hivemind, not the ICE. (id and breaker are supported as shorthand for identity and icebreaker.)

If you have hubot-alias installed, we tap into its list of aliases as well.

Sample Interaction

user1>> hubot nrdb jackson howard
user2>> hubot nrtx noise
hubot>> *Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire*
Identity: G-Mod
Link: 0 • Deck: 45 • Influence: 15
> Whenever you install a *virus* program, the Corp trashes the top card of R&D.
_"Watch this. It'll be funny."_
Anarch • Ralph Beisner • Core Set #1
user3>> Noise really loves installing [[cache]] and selling it off to [[aesop]]
hubot>> *Cache*
Program: Virus
Install 1 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 1
> Place 3 virus counters on Cache when it is installed.
> *Hosted virus counter*: Gain 1:credit:.
_"People keep saying that 'Cash is king' in the business, like it's untraceable in the days of DNA sniffers and microtracers. Digital credits can be just as anonymous, and they're just as easy to counterfeit." —Silhouette_
Criminal • Ed Mattinian • The Spaces Between #37
*◆ Aesop's Pawnshop*
Resource: Location - Connection
Install: 1 • Influence 2
> When your turn begins, you may trash another of your installed cards to gain 3:credit:.
_You didn't mention Aesop's arm unless you wanted an earful. Sometimes he talked about it in such a way that you wondered why he didn't laser his other arm off as well._
Shaper • Adam Schumpert • Core Set #47
user4>> hubot alias doomblade=parasite
user4>> He also loves [[doomblade]]
hubot>> *Parasite*
Program: Virus
Install 2 • Memory: 1 • Influence: 2
> Install Parasite only on a rezzed piece of ice.
> Host ice has −1 strength for each virus counter on Parasite and is trashed if its strength is 0 or less.
> When your turn begins, place 1 virus counter on Parasite.

Anarch • Bruno Balixa • Core Set #12


Code is in the es6 folder, and it gets built to the src folder by grunt to be picked up by hubot. Tests are in test, and they're run as es6 directly by mocha and babel-register; just run npm test.

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