Hubot adapter for nagios
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$ cnpm install hubot-nagios 
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hubot-nagios adds nagios monitoring support to hubot

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This plugin enables hubot to react to nagios notification as well as request current service state or acknowledge problems.

It requires custom notification commands and a contact on the nagios side as well. On notification nagios runs a simple curl call to relay the event to hubot. For this to work, hubot needs to listen on an IP that is reachable from nagios.

Installation and Setup

Add hubot-nagios to your package.json, run npm install and add hubot-nagios to external-scripts.json.

Add hubot-nagios to your package.json dependencies.

"dependencies": {
  "hubot-nagios": ">= 0.0.1"

Add hubot-nagios to external-scripts.json.

> cat external-scripts.json
> ["hubot-nagios"]

You need to specify the chat room to use for build events and the cctray.xml to use on startup:


Within nagios configuration you need to add a new contact that calls the hubot webhook:

define contact {
        alias                          hubot
        host_notification_period       24x7
        service_notification_options   w,u,c,r
        contact_name                   hubot
        email                          someone@somedomain.tld
        host_notification_options      d,r
        service_notification_period    24x7
        service_notification_commands  notify-service-by-hubot
        host_notification_commands     notify-host-by-hubot

And add this new contact as a member to at least one contactgroup.

You need to add these new commands:

define command {
        command_name                    notify-service-by-hubot
        command_line                    /usr/bin/curl -d host="$HOSTALIAS$" -d serviceoutput="$SERVICEOUTPUT$" -d servicedescription="$SERVICEDESC$" -d notificationtype="$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -d servicestate="$SERVICESTATE$" https://username:password@hubot.somedomain.tld/hubot/nagios/service

define command {
        command_name                    notify-host-by-hubot
        command_line                    /usr/bin/curl -d host="$HOSTNAME$" -d hostoutput="$HOSTOUTPUT$" -d notificationtype="$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -d hoststate="$HOSTSTATE$" https://username:password@hubot.somedomain.tld/hubot/nagios/host

That's it!

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