Tell Hubot to add or remove a room from HUBOT_HIPCHAT_ROOMS_BLACKLIST
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$ cnpm install hubot-leave 
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A hubot script to leave a room and not return until asked to.

See src/ for full documentation.


In hubot project repo, run:

npm install hubot-leave --save

Then add hubot-leave to your external-scripts.json:



Heroku Credentials

Set environment variables HEROKU_EMAIL and HEROKU_PASSWORD so the bot can maintain the HUBOT_HIPCHAT_ROOMS_BLACKLIST environment variable which controls the rooms not to join on reboot.

Sample Interaction

user1>> hubot leave
hubot>> It's alright user1, I understand...
hubot left the room 
user1>> hubot stay
hubot>> Of course! However, I may have to leave for just a moment...
hubot left the room 
hubot joined the room 


In order to have Hubot remove the room from the blacklist you will have to first invite hubot to the room. Once Hubot is in the room you can tell it to stay which will remove the room the blacklist allowing Hubot to auto join on reboot.

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