A hubot script for interacting with kubernetes
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$ cnpm install hubot-k8s 
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Hubot Kubernetes Bot

Let's you connect to multiple kubernetes environments and interact with them.

Thanks to for the inspiration.


  • HUBOT_K8S_CONTEXTS {"prod":{"server":"","ca":"./ca.crt","dashboardPrefix":"","token":"<kubernetes token>"}}
  • HUBOT_K8S_DEFAULT_CONTEXT - Default context (from above config)
  • HUBOT_K8S_DEFAULT_NAMESPACE - Default namespace in Kubernetes


All commands operate in the currently selected namespace and context. All commands with label selectors accept it in the form label=value.

Display Current Kubernetes Context

k8s context

Switching Kubernetes Context

k8s context <context>

Display Current Kubernetes Namespace

k8s namespace|ns

Switching Kubernetes Namespace

k8s namespace|ns <namespace>

List Deployments

k8s deployments|deploy [<labelSelector>]

List Services

k8s services|svc [<labelSelector>]

List Cron Jobs

k8s cronjobs [<labelSelector>]

List Jobs

k8s jobs [<labelSelector>]

Get logs from a pod

k8s logs|log <pod name>

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